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We believe in creating value by adding know how, capital and constant innovation through sustainable investments

Who we are

Quadrantis is a Portuguese venture capital management company created in 2014 that promotes investments in sustainable markets, capitalizing on the strong track record of it’s team.


Extensive executive management experience within tier 1 private and public companies in markets such as venture capital, energy, water, banking, telecom’s, consulting and distribution

International experience

Quadrantis team has led projects not only in Portugal but within the EMEA region, Asia and South America, leading and managing investments and multicultural teams

Policy Makers

Active role within national and international associations such as APRCI and EVCA (Portuguese and European VC Association)


Average returns of previous funds under direct management by the executive management team within similar target markets

> € 300 mn

Funds managed directly by the team of Quadrantis in previous funds such as

PME Investimentos, Luso Carbon Fund, New Energy Fund and Floresta Atlântica

> 30 years

Extensive experience within the venture capital market and key institutions such as Fomentinveste, PME Investimentos, JP Morgan among others

Our team

We have gathered an experienced team with complementary competences that enable us to address challenges with confidence and know-how

Paulo Caetano

Founding & Managing Partner

João Henriques


Paulo Magro da Luz


João Vicente Ribeiro

Founding Partner

Nelson Pilar

Founding Partner

Investment policy

We target markets where our experience and in depth knowledge allow us to deliver value added returns such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and waste management and cleantech  

What we invest in​


SME in early stages of maturity that present:

1. High market potential;

2. Adequate team capabilities and fierce commitment;

3. Scaling and internationalisation  opportunities.

In which Markets

  1. In growing markets, focused on disruptive high-potential ideias & opportunities, within the areas of expertise of our (extended) team;

  2. Our aim is to add not only capital but also management know-how and networking capabilities that can leverage growth and returns, within the investment target time frames.

In what terms

  1. We invest in (mostly) controlling positions that enable us to drive investments;

  2. We look for creative, fiercely committed teams with disruptive ideas;

  3. We ensure full transparency and continued hands-on support;

  4. We invest in opportunities with clear exit strategies, aligned within each investment fund's time frames.

Quadrantis Investment Funds

Portuguese Energy Efficiency Investment Fund

Quadrantis Capital has launched it's first fund - PEEIF, targeted at fast growing SME's within the energy efficiency market with innovative business models, technologies and services to develop and scale projects in Portugal.

Overall status

Subscription period: Oct 17 to Mar 18

Deployment: Ongoing until December 2020

Exit: 2nd semester 2028.

PEEIF has been registered with CMVM and has secured € 4,5 million from

IFD - Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento and € 5,5 million from private investors, having completed the first closing.

Deployment Phase ongoing.

New Edge Fund

Quadrantis New Edge Fund is an investment fund focused, mainly, on Top-tier Real Estate Opportunities. It will capitalize on its accumulated experience and target Top-tier highly attractive Projects and Opportunities, as well as greenfield high-end new market opportunities.
New Edge Fund has partnerships with major experts in its target market sectors, as its strategic specialized sector advisory partners in the Investment Cycle for those Sectors.

Overall status

Subscription period: Jan 20 to Dez 20
Deployment: H2 20 onward
Exit: 2nd semester 2030.

Q Art Fund

Quadrantis Art Fund is an investment fund created with the objective of investing in the Modern & Contemporary Art Sector, which will, thus, invest in companies with relevant portfolios of Modern and Contemporary Art, allowing qualified investors a way into what is currently considered to be a highly prospective alternative investment asset class.

Overall status

Subscription period: Jan 20 to Dez 20
Deployment: H2 20 onward
Exit: 2nd semester 2030.

Quadrantis Venture Capital Fund

Iberian Sustainability 4.0 Tech Investment Fund

Quadrantis is currently structuring a new Fund, VC focused, with a broad investment scope in terms of target segments, an Iberian geographical focus and European reach.

Overall status

Expert team established
Market research, business case building and informal contacts with potential LP’s ongoing
Agreements for future commercialization/co-investment under discussion with 2 major international financial institutions.

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