Paulo Caetano

Founder & Managing Partner


Paulo has served on the board of directors of several companies in the energy and environmental services sector.

He has been Chairman of the Portuguese Venture Capital Association since 1996 and a Board member of the European Venture Capital Association since that time.

He specialized in investments and operations in the Cleantech area, renewable energy and carbon markets, working throughout the technology life cycle, from the initial phase to commercial development.

He worked extensively in all European markets, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

He currently invests in the market also as a Business Angel, holding a diversified portfolio of participations in start-ups and/or innovation projects.


Professional background

Paulo was the CEO Aguas de Portugal Energia and Executive Board member of Fomentinvest, a private holding group dedicated to energy and environmental services and manager of the New Energy, Luso Carbon and Floresta Atlântica Funds.


Paulo holds a Degree in Engineering from IST, a Masters and MBA from the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa